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We know that you have many options when it comes to choosing a place to live. We want to thank you for deciding to rent from Chico Sierra Real Estate Management Inc. We will do everything in our power to make sure that you have a safe and enjoyable living environment during your tenancy with us. In order for us to do that, please make sure that you have completely read and understood all of the terms and conditions of your lease. We want to make sure that you know what is expected on our end, and that you have a clear understanding of the rules and policies that apply to your rental property. Please know that you are always welcome to call or stop into the office with any questions or concerns that you may have, and know that we will do our best to help where we can.

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All move-ins are scheduled with our office. On the move in date, you will be required to provide our office with a check or money order for any/all fees that are due. This will include any outstanding security deposit not already paid, pet deposits (if accepted), and prorate rent. YOU MUST HAVE ALL MONIES PAID TO RECEIVE A KEY. At the scheduled time, you will meet one of our representatives to complete a move in inspection. The purpose of this move in is to make a checklist of the condition of the unit. Any item that is damaged will be noted. Our representative will do their best to catch everything, however, it is up to the tenant to make sure that they are comfortable, and agree with what is listed. Your signature will reflect that agreement. All items not listed will be considered to be in good condition. Once the move-in is completed, any/all changes will need to be authorized by Chico Sierra Real Estate Management before they will be added to the original form. These changes will need to be brought to our office within 24 hours of the move in.

Tenants are given 1 key per person at move-in. If individuals are not able to be at the move in, they will need to make arrangements with our office to pick up their key during office hours.

If tenants do not have the full amount due on the day of the move in, we will be unable to give you keys to the unit. Please also be aware that we can reschedule a move in date/time, but you will be charged from the original move-in date. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Make sure that you read your lease. For many Summer/Fall move in’s, you are given an approximate date. This may not be your actual move-in date. Approximate dates are given based on the time that we expect we will need to turn a unit over. If additional time is needed, then your move-in date will be pushed back. We request that you call us, 1 week prior to the date listed on the sheet. At this time we should be able to quote you an actual date. Please do not show up on the doorstep with your parents and a moving van unless you have scheduled a day and time for the walkthrough.



All House rules are listed on your lease agreement. It is our understanding that you have read and understood all of these rules. It is also understood that you are aware that you are to abide by all City, State, and Federal laws and regulations.


All work orders must be submitted through our website. Once you submit a work order you will receive a confirmation email for your records. We are unable to take work orders in the office or over the phone. If you have an emergency request during office hours, please submit the online request and then call our office to confirm it has been received.

Non-emergency work orders will be handled in the order that they were received. Once a work order is turned in you should expect to hear from someone within 1-3 days.

If this does not happen, you will need to call the office back immediately to follow up. Vendors will attempt to contact the phone number listed on the work order 1 time and will leave a message. It will then be up to you, to call back and schedule a time to let them in. If several unsuccessful attempts are made to get in, vendors may also post a 24-hour notice to enter.

Emergency work orders — If you turn in an emergency work order, you should be contacted by someone within 24 hours or sooner. If that does not happen, call our office immediately to follow up. If you have any emergency during weekend or evening hours, you will need to call the office phone at (530) 899-2296, listen very carefully to the message which will explain in detail what to do. Make sure that you leave a message on our office phone first, then follow the instructions.

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You are only to call the emergency service for maintenance emergencies. Calls made to the service that are non-emergency items will be billed $10 to the tenant.


All tenants are to complete a move out inspection with our office. We will hand deliver a notice to your property weeks prior to your move out. This will tell you the date and time of the scheduled inspection. If you do not receive one of these notices you will need to contact our office at least 2 weeks before the termination of your lease. Your move in will be scheduled on the last day or the day after the end of your lease. This will be determined by the day of the week that this falls on. A walk through inspection will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. If you are not at the walkthrough, we will assume that you have forfeited your right to be there and we will complete the inspection as normal.

If you are unable to make the walk through that we have scheduled, you are welcome to call our office and reschedule as long as we have time slots available on the date that you need. If you need additional days, this will first need to be approved by the office. If we are able to accommodate you, you will be charged a prorated amount based on a per day basis. Rent will continue to be charged until we receive possession of the unit back.

If you do not plan to be at the move out inspection you will need to notify the office. All keys will need to be left on the kitchen counter along with a forwarding address for each person on the lease. If the unit is vacant, but not all keys have been returned, we will call a locksmith that day to rekey the unit and tenants will be charged. If the unit is not empty, the move in inspection will be canceled and rescheduled. Tenants will be charged rent up unit the final move out inspection. If tenants fail to provide us with a forwarding address, all security deposit information will be sent to the rental address for the post office to forward.

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All Security Deposits and pet deposits are split equally among all individuals on the lease. There will be no exceptions to this unless all tenants sign and date a letter with specific instructions. This is to be accompanied by copies of the tenant’s driver’s licenses. This form will need to be given to us at the move out inspection. Any documents, keys, forwarding address given to us after the move out inspection will not be accepted.

All tenants are welcome to call our office and schedule a PRE- Walkthrough. These inspections are scheduled based on time slots available, so please call several weeks before your move out.


We do not terminate leases. Please read over the copy of your lease, which will explain the ways that you may be able to transfer your lease.

If you are on a month to month contract and you plan to vacate the property, you will need to supply our office with a written 30-day notice. This notice is to include your name, address, and the current date. We suggest that you request a copy, with our signature on it, for your records.

If you are on a lease, please read the above information listed under move outs for more detailed information.


Our office accepts checks, money orders and cashier’s checks. I am sorry but we are not able to take cash. Tenants will be encouraged to make a payment through their Tenant Portal.

We do not take postdated checks. No matter what date is listed on a check, all checks given to our office will be cashed within 3 days of receipt. If checks are returned, tenants will be responsible for a late fee and an NSF fee. All fees are described in your lease agreement.

Rents are due on the 1st of every month and will occur a late fee is paid after 4:00 on the 5th of the month. We do not allow any additional days regardless if the 5th falls on a weekend or a holiday. Rents can be dropped off at our office or mailed to the following address:

180 E 9th Ave, Suite #3
Chico, CA 95928

We also have a mail slot in the door but remember we do not accept cash.