Downloadable Forms

Below are links to various forms you may need

Rental Application

Co-Signer Agreement

Sample Lease Agreement — Please be aware that updates are made on this form. If you would like an up-to-date copy, please stop by the office to pick one up.

Move-Out Cleaning Sheet

Application Process

Applications are accepted at any time. In most situations we process applications in the order that they have been received. However, on some properties, owners accept applications for a period of time, and then choose the most qualified out of the applicants that have applied. Simply because you have turned in your application first does not always mean you're first in line.


$25 Application Fee (This covers processing of 1 application, and 1 cosigner if attached).

$15 Fee (This is charged if original cosigner is declined, and additional cosigners must be run.)

When an application fee is paid, it is attached to your application. Once we start processing an application, the fee is deposited and non refundable. We will start with 1 application at a time, and will only move on to the next application if we are at a standstill, the previous person is no longer interested, or if they are not qualified. Please understand that if we start processing your application, and a previous package is able to get approved in the meantime, we again, will not be able to refund your application fees. Fees collected on applications that are not processed will be returned or shredded. You are welcome to hold off on paying these fees if you wish, until you are next in line, but realize that we will only make 1 attempt to get fees paid before we go on to the next group.

When your application is turned in, you are expected to have all information filled out completely. The following will result in applications not being processes, and applications going to the end of the line.

  1. Incomplete information, phone numbers missing, address, dates, signatures, and so on. All lines on the application must be filled out.
  2. Proof of income — Individuals applying with self-employed status, Govt Assistance, or Student Aid, need to provide proof of income at the time of dropping off application. Without this we are not able to finish processing the application.
  3. Signatures — All signatures are required on applications in order to process.
  4. In order to be approved you will need, 2 good rental reference, no unlawful detainer records, good income (2x-3X amount of rent), good credit with no derogatory accounts or collection accounts. If you are unable to fit this criteria, you may be able to get approved by providing us with a cosigner. Cosigner MUST have good credit. In order for application to be processed, cosigner form must be attached if you are using one, otherwise application will not be processed.
  5. All roommates living in a unit must have their applications turned in, in order for any of the applications to be processed.
  6. ALL Application fees paid. We will not process any application package until (ALL application fees are paid).
  7. Incorrect information listed. Make sure that you list all information regarding the property correctly; failure to do this may result in your application being put to the end of the line.

Once an application is approved someone in your group will be contacted (we do not contact all applications). Once you are contacted and informed that you are approved:

  1. Units available for immediate occupancy

    You will have 24 hours to sign a lease. If you are unable to come in, we reserved the right to give the unit to the next applicant in line. Applicants are required to pay full deposit at the time of signing a lease, and prorated rent at the time of move in. We do not hold units that are ready to be moved into without rent being paid.

  2. Units available for Summer/Fall occupancy (units not currently open now)

    Applicants have 48 Hours to come into the office to sign a lease. If you are unable to come in, we reserved the right to give the unit to the next applicant in line. Tenants are made aware by this form and by our office that if only a portion of the tenants sign a lease, those are the only individuals that we can hold responsible for the lease. We are unable to do anything about applicants that back out of a lease, if they have not signed it. Applicants are required to pay ½ of the deposit at the time of lease signing. Inability to do this may result in losing the unit. The balance of the deposit and the prorated rent will be due upon move in. MOVE IN DATES ARE ALWAYS ESTIMATED. YOU NEED TO CONTACT OUR OFFICE 1 WEEK PRIOR TO MOVE IN DATE TO CONFIRM. Do not make any move in arrangements until you have confirmed a date with our office and scheduled a move in time.