Maintenance Request


If this is an emergency call 911. If you have an emergency request during office hours fill out and submit this form(keep this copy for your records) and then call the office immediately. After hours emergencies call 899-2296 and follow instructions.

Please read very carefully before submitting you request.

  1. The ENTIRE form must be filled in order for us to respond to a work order.
  2. If work orders turned in are tenant caused damages (clogged pipes, glass in garbage disposals, lock outs, broken blinds, broken screen, etc...) we will take care of the repair and you will be billed. You will have 5 days to pay to invoice once it is sent.
  3. If you turn in a work order you should get a response on emergency items (what we deem to be an emergency) within 24 hours, and non emergency items within 2-4 days. If the item has not been repaired or you have not received a call in that time, you must submit another request (keep this for your records) and call our office immediately,. All repair orders are subcontracted out to venders so we may need to research why.


Yes No


  1. OK TO ENTER - This is the quickest way. Someone will pick up keys and go into your unit at their first availability.
    By marking "make an Appointment" the vender will contact you to set up an appointment via the phone number listed above.

    If not successful: An e mail will be sent to the email address listed above.

    Tenants agree in advance that the email sent will qualify as written notice to enter. A date and time will be included in the email. Tenant is able to cancel and/or reschedule, by calling the number listed by that vender in the email. If no one is home during the noted date and time, a key will be used to gain entry.

    • Appointments will be set Monday - Friday from 8:00 -4:00.
    • All animals MUST be out of the unit during the time of the work, (No matter how nice they are).
    • Appointment times set by the tenants and missed, will incur a $50 trip fee.
    • ANY problems with receiving notices must be brought to our attention immediately via email.